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  • "Tipton, this had better be worth it." [compiled]

    In which Bailey introduces apple juice to Derek, and Derek spreads the word.

    Guise, REMEMBER THIS? I wrote this over a week back and I thought I’d compile it ‘cause it was split into two sections. It’s still ridiculous but hey, smoother reading(Y)


    Derek drummed his fingers mindlessly on the tabletop, eyeing Bailey warily. “Are you sure?”

    He grinned. “Of course I am! You guys are all just too narrow-minded, seriously.”


    Bailey sat down on the chair opposite Derek’s and sighed. “Yes?”

    “…Can’t we all just stick to coffee?”

    “No. Drink it.”

    Derek groaned.

    “But this is apple juice.”

    Bailey raised an eyebrow. “…And that matters because?”

    “Because this. Isn’t. Coffee. You know that-“

    “Yeah, yeah. Stuarts drink almost nothing but coffee.” He rolled his eyes, picking up the apple juice packet and forcing it into Derek’s hands. “I like apple juice, and I’m a Stuart.”

    “What if it addles with my coffee-infused brain-“

    “You know, for someone with such a high GPA as yours, that’s one really stupid question.”

    Derek glared.

    “Shut it. And why do I have to be the stupid guinea pig?”

    Bailey seemed amused. ”Because everyone’s busy, and you owe me one for helping you chase away that last ex-girlfriend of yours.”


    “Just drink it.”

    Derek sighed in defeat. “Whatever. Have it your way, then.”

    “Oh, don’t be so dramatic.”

    Derek grimaced as he slowly raised the packet to his mouth.

    “Tipton, this had better be worth it.”

    And he swallowed.


    An hour later, Derek was sitting with Logan in the Stuart common room when he suddenly spoke.

    “You know what, apple juice isn’t that bad.”

    Logan choked on his coffee.

    “I’m sorry,” He coughed. “but what?”

    Derek shrugged noncommittally. “Seriously. I can’t actually believe I’m saying this, but it’s not as goddamn awful as everyone in this house makes it out to be.”

    Logan, having recovered from his choking fit, gave him a skeptical look. “…Bailey brainwashed you, didn’t he.”

    “No, he just forced the damn packet into my hand so I tried it!”

    “And you think it tastes fine?”

    “…It’s average.” Derek admitted.

    Logan gave him a skeptical look. “You’re insane.”

    “Who’s insane?” The two glanced towards the doorway as Julian made his way into the common room and seated himself next to Logan, leaning his head on Logan’s shoulder. ”What did I miss?”

    “Nothing much-“

    Logan interrupted. “Derek likes apple juice now; he’s nuts.”

    Julian bolted upright and shot Derek a look of complete incredulity. ”You can’t beserious.

    The varsity captain groaned in frustration. Why is it so hard for you guys to believe me that apple juice isn’t horrifying?”

    “Because it’s apple juice.” Julian sighed. “Apple juice is for preschoolers who don’t drink coffee.”

    “But we only ever drink coffee!Derek rolled his eyes in exasperation. “I mean, have you two even tried apple juice before?”

    He was met with silence.

    “Uh. I never really liked apples.”

    “What, you expected me to say yes?”

    Derek facepalmed. “We all live under a damn rock.”

    Julian smirked. “Let’s see how the rest of Stuart takes it.”

    And he promptly stood up and announced, “Derek’s suggesting we try apple juice instead of coffee!”

    “Jules-I never said that!”

    The other boys in the common room, though, had heard Julian loud and clear.

    “…Excuse me?

    Have you forgotten that we need coffee?!”

    “How on Earth can one even think of such a preposterous thing?”

    “Yeah, coffee’s the solution to everything!”

    “Someone take Derek to the coffee machine, stat!”

    “God…” Derek moaned, sinking deeper into his armchair. “Logan, you could have prevented that!”

    Logan held back a grin. “But you saw it coming yourself.”

    Julian sat back down and glanced around the room, laughing. “I think they’re planning a coffee ritual for you. You know, a re-initiation of your faith in coffee.”

    “You know,” Logan started. “I think someone’s already talking about giving you a coffee lecture…”

    Derek groaned. ”God, you guys are ridiculous!”

    And he stormed out of the common room, taking out his phone and sending a hasty text before rushing off.



    Characters all belong to CP Coulter, and gosh, this is still ridiculous. No regrets, though(Y) Anyway, the two posts were this and this, if you were wondering.