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  • "Hey-" Justin stepped into his sister’s room. "Are you ready to go? Because…" He trailed off as his eyes wandered up, taking note of something that hadn’t been there before.

    Above Laura hung a handful of delicate dream catchers, all attached to a ring that hung from the ceiling of the bedroom. He stared for a moment before catching himself and clearing his throat.

    "…Uh, Laura?"

    She raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

    Justin pointed to the charms. “I’ve never seen those in here before.”

    Laura rolled her eyes. “They’re new, Justin. Only a day old.”

    "Oh." He glanced at them again. "Where did you buy these from?"

    "I didn’t buy these. Someone gave them to me as a gift." She glanced up, hiding a smile.

    "Someone special."

    Now it was Justin’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Uh-huh. Care to tell me who?”

    She laughed. “It’s not really much of your business.”

    Justin stared pointedly at her. “I’m your older brother.”

    "And I’m capable of handling my own life. I’m old enough already."

    He folded his arms, and Laura’s gaze softened.

    "Oh…just, you don’t have to worry so much about me. Okay?"

    Justin sighed. “All right. Never mind. Come down soon, will you? We’re leaving in five minutes.”

    "Thanks. I’ll be down real soon!" The door closed, and Laura exhaled slowly.

    "Oh, Justin…" She mumbled to herself, reaching out for her phone and checking the newest message in her inbox.

    Did you receive them?

    She beamed, fingering the dream catcher closest within her reach lightly, drawing circles in it. Just this morning. They’re beautiful; thank you!

    The reply came almost instantly. They’re not just beautiful. They’ll protect you. From whatever unholy beings and spirits that may come your way.

    I know. She typed back. They’ll keep me safe, I won’t forget that. Oh, Justin saw them today, by the way.

    …He’s not going to find me and burn me alive, is he?

    Laura almost laughed aloud. Of course not. I don’t think he knows. And even if he did, he wouldn’t do anything to you!

    But you never know how vicious he might be!

    Relax. She glanced towards the door. I have to get going now. Skype tonight?

    Maybe. Bye, Laura…miss you.

    She paused, smiling fondly.

    Miss you too, Dwight.

    With one last, lingering touch of the dream catcher, she left the room.

    Hey, wait up, Justin!”

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