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  • Well? You said you had interesting news.

    The brunet strolled into the living room, phone settled comfortably in the crook of his neck as he replied, “Depends on what you consider interesting, Der.”

    The man on the other end of the line sighed. “Uh huh, Jules. Go on.

    Julian paused, smiling slightly.

    "We have a family in this house now."

    A family?" Silence. "Wait. What?”

    "What I said."

    The phone crackled with static as Derek raised his voice. "You guys got A KID? Without me knowing?!"

    The actor rolled his eyes. ”Calm down. We’re talking about Sonic here.” 

    "…God." The man groaned. "Don’t mess with me like that, seriously!”

    Julian shrugged, laughing. “All in good fun, Derek.”

    A sigh. “Go on.”

    His fingers traced the edges of the rug lightly as he crouched next to the little group of hedgehogs on the soft, carpeted floor. “We have three hedgehogs now…figured that Sonic needed some company, so I got two others.”


    "Oh, come on!" Julian said jokingly, pushing a toy car gently towards the biggest of the three. "They’re adorable."

    Julian, I happen to be AT WORK.

    "It’s not like you don’t have time to pick up a phone call."

    Another groan. “Mmm. And does Logan know about this?

    "…" Julian eyed the trio silently.


    The brunette petted one of the hedgehogs lightly as he bit his lip.

    "…No, not at all."

    He could almost picture his friend folding his arms with an accusatory glare over the phone. “Right, Julian Larson-Wright. So you’re calling me for…?

    Julian laughed nervously.

    "…Babysit my hedgehogs for a bit?"

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