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  • Jogan Drabble time.

    Rainy Days. 

    "It’s raining, Logan, look."

    Logan kept his eyes on his book. “I know, Jules. What about it?”

    The bed mattress dipped a little lower as Julian sat down next to him and tugged at his sleeve gently. “Let’s go outside.”

    "What?" The prefect looked up, mildly irritated. "You just said it was raining."

    Julian remained silent for a moment.

    "Yeah. I like the rain."

    "Well, I don’t."

    Julian rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’m going out for a bit; be back soon-“ 

    Logan groaned and shot his free hand out to grab Julian’s wrist before it got out of reach. “Look, I’m not letting you fall sick ‘cause of the rain again, alright? So stop being such a diva and sit back down!”

    Julian pouted and sat back down, arms folded. “But-“

    "No buts." Logan was adamant. "Sit."

    Fine.” Julian huffed, lifting his legs onto the bed and crossing them. “I’ll just sit here and be bored while Your Majesty reads his own damn book.”

    Logan sighed at his boyfriend. “You can be such a child sometimes.”

    "Shut up and read your damn book, Lo."

    The blond smirked. ”That, or…”

    Julian’s eyebrows quirked in interest as he noticed Logan closing his book. “Or…?”

    "Or I might have a better idea.” Logan brought his head close to Julian’s, his breath ghosting over the shorter boy’s features. ”Yeah…” He pressed a chaste kiss to Julian’s lips. “…I could kiss you and be done with that.” 

    The corners of Julian’s lips tugged upwards by a fraction as he wrapped his arms around Logan’s neck. “Or you could do much more than just kiss me…”

    Logan leaned his forehead against Julian’s and cupped his face gently, muttering, “You’re so damn horny.”

    "Hm, and you’re not?"

    "Maybe…" Julian let himself fall back onto the bed as Logan let his sentence trail away, leaning in to capture his lips in a long, intense kiss. 

    Julian was the first to break the lip-lock. ”…I’ve changed my mind; we can stay indoors all day if you want,” he murmured into Logan’s ear as the prefect lay down next to him.

    "Good idea, isn’t it…" Logan pressed a light kiss to Julian’s throat. "It should rain more often."



    Julian buried his head in Logan’s chest, muffling his words.

    "…Love you.

    Logan pulled him closer, smiling slightly.

    "Love you too, Jules."

    Their lips met for another kiss, this time more heated.

    Logan’s book lay long forgotten on the floor.


    Characters belong to the amazing CP Coulter, author of Dalton!

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