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"Tipton, this had better be worth it."

In which Bailey introduces apple juice to Derek.

(utter complete nonsense written here. I am ridiculous.)

Derek drummed his fingers mindlessly on the tabletop, eyeing Bailey warily. “Are you sure?”

He grinned. “Of course I am! You guys are all just too narrow-minded, seriously.”


Bailey sat down on the chair opposite Derek’s and sighed. “Yes?”

"…Can’t we all just stick to coffee?"

"No. Drink it."

Derek groaned.

"But this is apple juice."

Bailey raised an eyebrow. “…And that matters because?”

"Because this. Isn’t. Coffee. You know that-“

"Yeah, yeah. Stuarts drink almost nothing but coffee." He rolled his eyes, picking up the apple juice packet and forcing it into Derek’s hands. "I like apple juice, and I’m a Stuart."

"What if it addles with my coffee-infused brain-"

"You know, for someone with such a high GPA as yours, that’s one really stupid question."

Derek glared.

"Shut it. And why do I have to be the stupid guinea pig?”

Bailey seemed amused. ”Because everyone’s busy, and you owe me one for helping you chase away that last ex-girlfriend of yours.”


"Just drink it." 

Derek sighed in defeat. “Whatever. Have it your way, then.”

"Oh, don’t be so dramatic." 

Derek grimaced as he slowly raised the packet to his mouth.

"Tipton, this had better be worth it."


I don’t even. This is awful writing hahaha. Characters belong to CP Coulter!

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